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Don't Pull That Trigger...

Trigger Stacking....Do you know what this means? Any dog can have triggers that stack up. The diagram above explains this perfectly.

Starting from block one in green. A trip to the vets, after you leave the vets a second trigger in a short space of time without a break is introduced. This is yellow block two, a digger. This is now two triggers that are starting to stack up in your dogs mind. Add block three in blue, a storm, this is a third trigger, all of these together in a short space of time without any breaks to destress your dog can take a dog over its threshold. This is the block in red. The fourth and final trigger... a stranger going to pet your dog, its on a lead therefore flight is out of the question....this leaves fight, your dog now reacts by biting.

Make sure you know your dogs body language and triggers on a journey. This way you will have a well balanced and happy dog.

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