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What's the Word on the Street...

Jimmy loves Donna and I have learnt so much from her. Donna not only reaches the dogs but also you in how to behave around your dog. We love the behaviourist walks once a month and met like minded people and dogs and get excellent help and advice. Highly recommended.

Debbie Young


I would highly recommend Donna from Canine Soul. She is a mindful of information and knowledge and is genuinely a lovely person who will go out of her way to help you with your dog in any way she can. She is patient and kind and really cares. We still go training regularly as it keeps me in check and our dog loves it.

Penny Alcaraz

Donna has been an absolute star training our dog Rolo.  She is knowledgeable, understanding, patient and overall decent human being.  We have learnt so much from h er and our reactive dog who used to bark at everything that moved, has made so much progress.  My advice for anyone with a reactive dog is to talk to Donna and work on force free training with her.  There are no quick fixes, but with her support and guidance we've seen consistent improvements.  We will always have a reactive dog but we can now enjoy having a dog again!  Photos of Rolo are from when we started to where we are now :)

Alex Louise

Rolo now
Rolo at the begining

Donna is so wonderful and supportive and helped me with my dog Tinks!  Tinks is a nervous boy and she gave me great skills to use when walking him as well as giving me the confidence back to do so.  She has lots of tricks and tips up her sleeve too - highly recommend :)!


Donna is a great trainer and so knowledgeable - she's helped me on many different occasions and I can't recommend her enough!

Emily Woody's Walks

Fantastic trainer, Donna has only trained our Sammi for only 2 month and the results are amazing , our anxious little boy is getting his confidence back through step by step training, making fun for Sam and us, she is truly amazing, we would highly recommend her.

Cecelia Taylor

First day at training and I was ready for us to be thrown out. I have a troubled rescue dog which I love but boy, sometimes hard to like. In the past I've always been that smug dog owner with the well behaved dogs while tuting at those with unruly dogs. Well karma bleeding well came back at me. Donna has really helped my little horror immensely and we weren't thrown out. Now completed two classes and my little boy ( well 40kg tall labrador retriever with multiple personalities) is doing so much better. Waiting for the weather to improve to do some 1 2 1 training but already a vast improvement.

Elena Busst

Donna is amazing. Intuitive and also full of practical advice. I can’t recommend enough.

Scott Learmouth

Donna is great with dogs and owners, and very reasonably priced compared to some other trainers.

It's still early days with our rescue dog but we now know what we should be working, how to do, and when we might start to see some results.

We'll definitely be having more sessions in the future and will be signing up for training classes once they are allowed again.

Sam Barber

I took my cockapoo puppy to the training sessions before Covid and Donna was amazing, so patient and loads of good advice on training techniques, natural treats and food. After the first lockdown I arranged a one 2 one in the park with Donna and again she was so helpful with and gave lots of advice. A year later I had a second one 2 one regarding separation anxiety, I am now able to leave my dog happily for a couple of hours. Thank you Caine Soul

Denise Moore

Donna loves Malakai and Malakai loves Donna….I can’t ask for much more!

It’s been so helpful for us that she has such a lot of experience with malamutes as definitely a tough breed to train.

Michaela Overton


We had our first consultation with Donna today with our puppy Loki. We learned lots of obedience training and information about the correct food and treats that would be suitable for Loki’s development. Donna was very knowledgable and gave us so much information. Would definitely recommend her for all your puppy and dogs needs and training.

Adelle Potter

My lovely little pup was doing really well until an off lead dog attacked her. I tried my best to build her confidence back up but I was at a lost as to what to do! I contacted Donna and booked some 1-1 sessions. In 3 sessions we’ve gone from a puppy hiding under parked cars and shaking in fear (and not walking at all) to not shaking and walking to a park today. We still have a way to go to get her back to her full happy self but the confidence Donna has given me and my pup is just incredible.

Don’t ever give up- everything is fixable just ask for help!

I feel really in tune with my dog and feel empowered to move her on even further now in puppy classes (something I thought would never be) Thank you for empowering me Donna- see you soon x

Beth Marcantonio

Samantha Baitup

Could not recommend Donna highly enough. Great advice training and tips my puppy is coming along nicely great recall everyone she meets can't believe how well behaved she is thank you Donna.

Samantha Baitup

Highly recommended, such a great help with our little rescue fur baby with one to one sessions and social group walks. Want to give Rolo his best life ever and Donna is helping his humans to speak dog.


Lisa Bartup 

Lisa Bartup

I am so very happy to have met Donna from Canine Soul, she was recommended to me as my husky cross was dog reactive to intact males as well as being fear aggressive towards men. I  can't believe the difference in my dog through a simple thing as a change of diet and all of the other new training techniques I have learnt from donna to be able to enjoy my dog!  He is now just a completely different dog, I am amazed…. I can’t thank you enough Donna xxx


Kathleen Phelps

Donna really makes you feel at ease especially if you have a nightmare rescue dog. totally understands dogs and give you confidence to work with them.


Elena Brenchley

Donna from Canine Soul has visited us twice since she came to do the original pre-adoption home check. Our Romanian rescue dog Suri has fear/anxiety issues and Donna has armed us with the information needed to help us understand her behaviour and to give us the confidence to help us turn Suri into a calmer and less anxious dog. Donna gave us various enrichment tasks on her initial visit which we continue with every single day and on her return visit could see just how much calmer and more responsive Suri was. On Donna's first visit Suri was very nervous,anxious and protective of us and gave Donna a very hard time everytime she moved slightly and was so trigger stacked that we had to keep her home for the rest of the day and all of the following day! On the second visit Suri was so much calmer, kept returning to Donna for more treats and even got up on her hind legs to sniff Donna's face, a move which you could never have imagined on the first visit. We have a lot of work still to do but thanks to Donna we just know that Suri will gradually become the calm, relaxed and amazingly good-natured dog that she deserves to be. Cannot recommend enough, thank you Donna

Jonathon Spicer

Came and saw my GSD today she got her calm and going to train her to be round men and outside noises and walks would highly recommend if you got trouble with a pet give her a call don’t know where I be without her.


Deborah Spiller

We have just completed our adult dog training group and Donna is absolutely amazing at what she does, every dog loves her and she is so friendly, patient and very approachable. We cannot wait to start next the next training group. Cannot recommend enough.


Sue Crowhurst

Fabulous, caring and knowledgeable trainer, so friendly and kind to both myself and my dog . She actually listened and worked out training to our individual needs rather than just assuming . Would highly recommend !

Shirley Kempy


I much appreciate the help and confidence you have given me with Guile.  Guile is thankful as well so we would both like to get your Husky's a treat.

Rob & Guile

'This lady is nothing short of a miracle worker, I can't thank her enough for the help Loki and I have got from her, I'm def going to be carrying on after the 6 weeks training xx'

So blooming proud of Loki right now, since I got him June of last year I've been trying to get him to sit and wait for me to release him when we get to the dog park. 

Today he did it, 😍😍 he sat and waited for the command. Also another thing I'm proud of is he actually looked to me for direction when he saw 2 collies walk in, I told him no and he came back to me. We got closer and I asked the lady if it's k for him to say hello, she said yes and WOW he didn't bounce over like Tigger and finally taking no for an answer. 

When time came to part ways all I had to do was walk away and say "come" and he came straight beside me. I have to admit it's NOT all my doing, because I've had what I consider to be the best dog/human trainer ever. I can't believe the massive change in him since I got her in so ty Donna Risdon you are a miracle worker.


June Wood

Sarah Ainsworth

Thanks lovely Donna @ Canine Soul for giving the time to teach me & mummy some lead-walking techniques and how to transfer them to walking next to a wheelchair (and thanks for the YUMMY treats!) ...


Sarah Ainsworth

Donna is absolutely brilliant! Her knowledge is second to none. I've seen 2 trainers before, but neither compared to Donna. She has turned things around for me and my boy. Her tips and tricks work brilliantly. She not only spends the time with you and your dog, but she's always a text away and replies so fast. She is font of knowledge on all things canine. I can't recommend her enough. She's just a wonderful human. Thanks, Donna.

Lou Yeo

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