consultation prices


Behavioural Consultation - £60.00 for one hour / £80 for an hour and a half / £40 follow up consultations

As a qualified canine behaviourist we can deal with all problematic behaviours such as biting, chewing, aggressive behaviours, excessive barking, lead aggression, anxiety and fear.  We do one to one behaviour modification sessions within the dogs own familiar surroundings, making the session as stress free as possible. Using positive methods and giving advice / exercises to modify the behaviour of your dog.

Puppy Care & Training Advice - £30.00

How to find the right puppy for your lifestyle, how to care for your puppy and train them.

One-to-One Training - £30.00

Bespoke training within the dogs own familiar surroundings at home or local park using positive training methods and giving advice / exercises to teach your dogs the correct manners as not all dogs are able to cope with the pressures of the classroom environment especially rescues.  You may have a recall problem, jumping up or any other training matter that at 121 can be useful for.

Canine Nutrition Advice - FREE

Unless your vet is qualified in canine nutrition they cannot give expert advice on diet or nutrition.  I am a qualified nutritionist and can help you make the right choices.  I offer independent advice on all nutrition including RAW.  How to keep your dog healthy and well balanced, including weight management.

Holistic Advice - FREE

General advice on holistic treatments available as well as holistic remedies to keep your canine great inside and out the natural way which is also great to run alongside traditional methods.

First 5 miles are included in the Consultation price after that 75 pence per mile will be applied.