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Chilli and I
Canine Soul Van



Trainer / Behaviourist


Full Member of the Pet Professional Guild


Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma

- BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv

Level 3 Accredited Dog Behaviour Diploma

- BCCSDip.DogBhv(DIS)

Canine Health & Nutrition Diploma

- BCCSDip.HthNut/Dip.CanineNutrition(CMA)

Fully Qualified First Aid Instructor

- ITG & Pro Trainings

Fun Dog Agility Diploma


Puppy Training Diploma


Dog Training Diploma

- Dip.DogTraining(CMA)


Holistic Health For Dogs

Canine First Aid

Professional Dog Walking

Puppy Care 

Dog Law Level 1

Scentwork Enrichment

Canine Scentwork

Scentwork UK Levels 1-8

Canine Wellbeing

Canine Communication

Canine Psychology

PIF - Covid 19 Desease Control for Pet Professionals

Canine Calmness

Canine Compulsive Disorder

Canine Herding

Canine Interactive Play

Canine Sleep

Canine Predation

Solving Separation Related Problems

Canine Resource Guarding

I aim to use positive training methods to get the best results possible, with successful results in behavioural modification.  All one to one sessions are within the home environment of the dog in their natural state of mind.  I also advise on nutrition and holistic therapies. Force free, Ethical and positive training, a range of classes and advice for you and your dogs, dealing with a range of behaviours, guarding, separation anxiety, lead reactivity, disruptive behaviours, lead work and recall, predation and puppy management skills.  We work within the parameters of the dogs' own environment to set them up for lots of wins and confidence boosts.

Mark Bridger Bone Canis


Trainer / Behaviourist

ADip CBM Level 6 (DIST)
Full member of the Pet Professional Guild

Full Canine and Animal Behaviourist member of the Association of INTODogs
Assoc member Canine Bhv Centre

My aim is to help on a one to one basis, using a professional and safe approach, with kind, fair and effective methods of behavioural modification.  I will to start your sessions in your own home where dogs will often show their more natural uninhibited behaviours, amongst their normal household dynamics.I deal with a number of differing problems including: separation, anxiety, aggression, recall problems, loose lead walking, socialisation, jumping-up, house-training, hunting and chasing, fear and nervousness, mouthing/nipping, stealing and guarding whilst maintaining your dog’s natural instincts, making a happy dog and a happy you...  I can also advise you on protecting your dog from theft, not only whist at home, but when out and about.

Morgan Risdon


Staff / Photographer

Helps with Classes, weekend walks and deals with the day to day photography.

Chilli, Mishka, Stitch and Bear



We help our mum advance her training by testing her patience everyday......and keeping her fit on our walks!

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