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Firework Danger...

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Sorry Folks... but yet again it is coming round to the time of year when our pets and other animals get petrified by the sound of fireworks, until the government listens to our pleas of soundless fireworks we have to deal with the results these things throw at us.....

If you have a dog who is really sensitive to sound or is absolutely petrified of fireworks or any particular sound now is the time to get in touch.....we teach you desensitisation techniques to get your pooch through these horrible times and to start looking forward to the future with happy paws....

Fireworks are stressful for pets and wildlife, as well as the old and the young in human form. If you can do without fireworks why not watch on tv with the volume low instead...

Keep pets indoors and protect them from the noise. Find them a safe place with ambient music in the background, update IDs and microchips and keep them busy with a kong or similar.

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