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Ghosts, Ghouls and Fibre...

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Halloween season is upon us! It may be yay for us but to your dog's it can be a frightening time... Ghosts, Ghoul's and Zombies at the door, masks, smells, amongst other frightening sounds and sights. Make sure your dog comes first, put a note on your door if your dog is frightened to stop trick or treaters knocking on those doors. On a plus note..... don't let those pumpkins go to waste!!! they are a fantastic addition to your dogs diet, you can either roast a nice pumpkin and puree it or buy already pureed pumpkin in cans. Here is some info. for you all...

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This is a great piece on e-collars and force. Force and punishment are never the option to go to, with stress and fear dogs no longer have the option to learn, with positive training they flourish!

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