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And We're Walking....

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

One of our nice long Saturday early evening walks, fantastic weather and still mighty warm and sweaty. Walking down a tiny path with brambles either side whilst the dogs manically run on ahead. They randomly turn off into the wooded area to sort out smelly disgusting things in the way only dogs know how... I walked ahead enjoying the rays and trying hard not to get savaged by the odd stray bramble sticking out...Both dogs decide to burst out of the clearing behind me and barge past knocking me flat on my arse. Great...and know they mean to do it when they turn back with their mouths open in a wide smile and tongue lolling to one side, you can almost hear them laughing and chuckling their arses off that they managed to down you yet again!!! Five minutes later one of them gets caught in the brambles and stands stock still turning and waiting for me to rescue her....oh the irony, karma is a bitch....

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