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So Very Nice to Meet You....

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Well I went to see the lovely people in Bone Idol today and what a pleasure it was. It was like walking into a treasure trove of doggy wonders!! I could NOT resist the urge to buy up most of the shop for my four dogs who are now looking as smart as anything. Wonderful padded harnesses and an amazing range of colourful leads, including my most adored training leads which i was immensely excited about! However the jewel of the shop was at the back hidden away, a wonderful grooming room and you can see everything going on, i immediately booked my husky/samoyed boy into have a groom to spruce up his Flouffyness!! Not only do Bone Idol do toys and enrichment AND grooming but they have a HUGE selection of food that has amazing ingredients and fantastic value for money along with treats at a nice size for training..... These people not only look after your dog on the outside but on the inside too..

Why don't you pop along to the shop and say hello, they are super friendly, or have a look at the food on the website or click this link for an exclusive 10% off:  Go on spruce up your fur baby today!!!

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