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What's the word on the Street...

“I was very satisfied with my experience at Canine Soul. Throughout it all, there was always a nice and attentive team member who made sure my questions were answered and my needs were met. Highly recommended.”

Steph Wood

“At Canine Soul, everything revolves around dog and customer satisfaction. It’s really nice working with Canine Soul they go above and beyond to keep you happy, and that’s exactly how I feel about my own experience.”

Payton Hillman

“A single experience at Canine Soul was all it took to make me a loyal customer. The classes are so much fun, I can’t find enough great things to say about them.”

Riley Jones

Thanks lovely Donna @ Canine Soul for giving the time to teach me & mummy some lead-walking techniques and how to transfer them to walking next to a wheelchair (and thanks for the YUMMY treats!) ...

Sarah Ainsworth

'This lady is nothing short of a miracle worker, I can't thank her enough for the help Loki and I have got from her, I'm def going to be carrying on after the 6 weeks training xx'

June Wood

I much appreciate the help and confidence you have given me with Guile.  Guile is thankful as well so we would both like to get your Husky's a treat.

Rob & Guile

So blooming proud of Loki right now, since I got him June of last year I've been trying to get him to sit and wait for me to release him when we get to the dog park. 

Today he did it, 😍😍 he sat and waited for the command. Also another thing I'm proud of is he actually looked to me for direction when he saw 2 collies walk in, I told him no and he came back to me. We got closer and I asked the lady if it's k for him to say hello, she said yes and WOW he didn't bounce over like Tigger and finally taking no for an answer. 

When time came to part ways all I had to do was walk away and say "come" and he came straight beside me. I have to admit it's NOT all my doing, because I've had what I consider to be the best dog/human trainer ever. I can't believe the massive change in him since I got her in so ty Donna Risdon you are a miracle worker.

June Wood

Fabulous, caring and knowledgeable trainer, so friendly and kind to both myself and my dog . She actually listened and worked out training to our individual needs rather than just assuming . Would highly recommend !

Shirley Kempy

We have just completed our adult dog training group and Donna is absolutely amazing at what she does, every dog loves her and she is so friendly, patient and very approachable. We cannot wait to start next the next training group. Cannot recommend enough.

Sue Crowhurst

Came and saw my GSD today she got her calm and going to train her to be round men and outside noises and walks would highly recommend if you got trouble with a pet give her a call don’t know where I be without her.

Deborah Spiller

I am so very happy to have met Donna from Canine Soul, she was recommended to me as my husky cross was dog reactive to intact males as well as being fear aggressive towards men. I  can't believe the difference in my dog through a simple thing as a change of diet and all of the other new training techniques I have learnt from donna to be able to enjoy my dog!  He is now just a completely different dog, I am amazed…. I can’t thank you enough Donna xxx


Kathleen Phelps

Donna from Canine Soul has visited us twice since she came to do the original pre-adoption home check. Our Romanian rescue dog Suri has fear/anxiety issues and Donna has armed us with the information needed to help us understand her behaviour and to give us the confidence to help us turn Suri into a calmer and less anxious dog. Donna gave us various enrichment tasks on her initial visit which we continue with every single day and on her return visit could see just how much calmer and more responsive Suri was. On Donna's first visit Suri was very nervous,anxious and protective of us and gave Donna a very hard time everytime she moved slightly and was so trigger stacked that we had to keep her home for the rest of the day and all of the following day! On the second visit Suri was so much calmer, kept returning to Donna for more treats and even got up on her hind legs to sniff Donna's face, a move which you could never have imagined on the first visit. We have a lot of work still to do but thanks to Donna we just know that Suri will gradually become the calm, relaxed and amazingly good-natured dog that she deserves to be. Cannot recommend enough, thank you Donna

Jonathon Spicer

07786 080 597

Portslade | East Sussex